Buy Soft Serve Machines in Canada at a special discounted pricing

Buying a soft serve machine might be a great idea for a Canadian entrepreneur looking to explore new market opportunities, adding new menu offerings or refine their selection of products available for customers. The following are the top 2 things you should consider when buying a soft serve ice cream or soft serve frozen yogurt machine.

1. Price Range

This is the single most important factor as the soft serve machines are not a small investment. The market prices in Canada can range from CAD $18000 to CAD $26000 depending on the counter top or the stand alone model with one or two flavors. SoftServeMix Canada has negotiated special distributor type of pricing for our valued customers.

2. Questions to Asks

Here are some important questions to ask when buying a soft serve machine in Canada:

What technology does the machine need to have? temperature control? freeze rate?
Do you need a machine that serves a low volume or a high volume of product?
Do you need a warranty? How many years do you need the machine to last?
How long will it take you to recover the cost of the machine?
Are the parts and service available in your local area?

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