Introducing Rolling Ice Cream Mix and Machines

Rolled Ice Cream Mix

Premium Ice Cream Rolls Mix. Quick Freeze. Makes Soft and Fluffy Ice Cream Rolls. We also sell Rolled Ice Cream Machines.

This Rolled Ice Cream Mix freezes in just 30 seconds on the Ice plate (-20 Degrees), add all your favorite toppings such as strawberry sauce, chocolate chip and nuts, then simply scrape off the delicious rolls of ice cream which are soft, fluffy and delicious. It's as simple as that! Use two ounce of your favorite Magical Flavors per bag to create over 200 Flavors of Premium Rolled Ice Cream!


To make the Premium Rolled Ice Cream mix, just add 3 litres (or 3 Quarts) of water or milk (mixing with milk is optional as it will give you extra creamy results) per 1.5 KG bag which will make 50 portions of premium rolled ice cream. This works out to less than 50 cents per serving.

Mix for Ice Cream Rolls

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