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Premium Hard ICE CREAM MIX - Vanilla 

25 KG Sack Yields 120 Liters of Ice Cream

Extra Rich 11% Complete Dry Mix, Add Water & Blend 

Blend 5 lbs. (2.3 kg) dry mix with 1 gallon (3.75 liters) of  water.  Mix well under high speed agitation.  For best
results age the mix under refrigeration for four hours or more.  For commercial use, the product quality can be improved
by pasteurizing the mix.

1 liter of mix will weigh 1.04 kg
1 gallon of mix will weigh 8.7 lbs

Overrun is the ratio of air to liquid ice cream mix in the frozen ice cream.  A 100% overrun means the for
each liter of liquid mix you will add one liter of air in the finished frozen ice cream.  This gives you two liters
of finished frozen ice cream.  The weight has not changed.  The volume has doubled.  A finished frozen ice
cream that has a 60% overrun will have one liter of liquid mix, .6 liter air and will product 1.6 liters of finished
frozen ice cream.  When we talk of ice cream, that means it has been frozen and contains air.  Up until that
time it is a mix.

You always want to calculate your cost in weight.  One liter of mix will weigh 1.04 kg.  One liter of ice cream
at 100% overrun will weigh .52 kg.  One liter of ice cream at 60% overrun will weigh .65 kg

Other cost will be the flavors.  We supply a flavor concentrate for  $105 that will flavor
About 950 liters of ice cream mix.  You will have nuts, candies, chocolates, syrups, and packaging cost.

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